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Joseph L. Walker, MD

General Surgery

Family Practice




Southwest Georgia Healthcare Clinics
804 N Wiley Ave.
Donalsonville, GA 39845


"To have someone put the level of confidence in you that surgery requires is a true privilege," Dr. Josh says, "In turn, I believe in providing my patients with extensive education about their procedure and comprehensive, compassionate care."

Josh Walker is a general surgeon in his hometown of Donalsonville, Georgia. Walker attended the University of Georgia for his undergraduate education and went on to graduate from Mercer University School of Medicine. He completed a 5-year surgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia where he was chief resident in 2008. Upon completion of his residency at the Medical College of Georgia, Walker and his family moved to Cooperstown, New York where he completed an abbreviated fellowship in rural surgery. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons in 2015. Walker serves as a preceptor for medical students at Mercer University School of Medicine as well as the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has been a medical director for Agape Hospice and serves on the Seminole County Warpath Cancer Board. Dr. Walker was recently appointed by Governor Kemp to the Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce.

More/Other Information:

Dr. Walker's mission is to provide our patients with state-of-the-art surgical care in a comfortable, caring environment.

Gastrointestional Surgery:

* Appendectomy (Laparoscopic and Open)
* Cholecystectomy (Laparoscopic and Open)
* Small Bowel Resection
* Colon Resection (Laparoscopic Assisted and Open)
* Lysis of Adhesions (Laparoscopic and Open)
* Hemorrhoidectomy
* Hemorrhoid Banding
* Anal Fistula Repair
* Endoscopy (EGD, Colonoscopy, Proctoscopy)
* Diagnostic Laparoscopy
* Gastrostomy (Percutaneous Endoscopic or Open)

Abdominal Wall Surgery:

* Inguinal Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic and Open)
* Femoral Hernia Repair
* Incisional Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic and Open)
* Umbilical Hernia Repair (Laparoscopic and Open)

Skin, Soft Tissue and Breast Surgery:

* Excision of lipomas, cysts and other skin lesions
* Sebaceous Cyst Removal
* Ganglion Cyst Removal (Foot or Wrist)
* Abscess (small or large) requiring incision or drainage with local anaesthetic
* Pilonidal Abscess, including drainage
* Biopsy of skin and subcutaneous tissue
* Aspiration of cyst/needle biopsy
* Foreign Body Removal
* Aspiration of Hematoma
* Debridement of wound, burn, and/or infection
* Sentinel Node Biopsy (Breast, Melanoma)
* Mastectomy (Simple and Modified Radical)
* Breast Biopsy (Needle Localized, Ultrasound guided, open)
* Lumpectomy (Needle Localization and Open)
* Axillary Node Dissection
* Wide Local Excision Melanoma
* Ingrown Toenail (Radical and Partial Excisions)

Endocrine Surgery:

* Thyroidectomy
* Parathyroidectomy


* Cystoscopy
* Urethral Dialation
* Vasectomy
* Circumsicion (adult and child)
* Hydrocele repair/drainage/excision


* Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
* Frenulectomy

Chest Wall/Lung:

* Bronchoscopy
* Tube Thorocostomy

Ortho/Hand Surgery:

* Carpel Tunnel Release
* Ganglion Cyst Removal
* Trigger Finger Repair
* Tendon Repair
* Amputation (hand, fingers, toes, leg, foot)
* Trigger Point Injections

Plastic Surgery:

* Scar Revision
* Skin Grafts
* Wound Care

IV Access:

* PICC line
* Chemo Port
* Triple Lumen Catheter


* Inguinal Hernia
* Hydrocele Excision/Drainage
* Umbilical Hernia
* Appendectomy (Laparoscopic and open)
(Transumbilical Laparoscopic Assisted Appendectomy)
* Circumcision (Infant or Child)
* Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy
* Frenulectomy
* Abscess I&D
* Molluscum and other wart treatments

Weight Loss Program:

* Vitachome Injections